Friday, December 29, 2017

Digestif: Four is a Significant Number (CofD)

First off, I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season (which may still be ongoing for some folks, depending on when this goes up). In this session, John finally brings his character into the group and hopefully now we can charge forward into plot, unfettered by concerns of when/how to work him in and whether he'll be too far behind.

Before I get into it here, I also want to point out that it might be a little longer before the next Starfinder write-up. Player schedules being what they are around the holidays, it'll be some time next month before we'll be able to play again (and I can't guarantee there'll be a write-up after that session, since I'm doing those based on how far the plot moves more than time played).

Anyhow, here we go.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Dead Suns: Welcome to Absalom Station (Starfinder)

Alright, so here's the first entry in my Starfinder coverage. For those who haven't been paying attention, to give myself breaks in story planning, my usual tabletop group alternates between my homebrew games (currently my Woodburn Chronicles game, previously my Werewolf: The Apocalypse chronicle) and an Adventure Path. In the past we've done Pathfinder, but for a handful of reasons we cut our most recent AP short to play Starfinder instead.

So here we are. My group is going to be covering the Dead Suns Adventure Path, the inaugural Starfinder AP from Paizo. These write-ups aren't necessarily going to be per-session, because we sometimes have to play short-ish sessions and sometimes more than a little of that time is going to be taken up by simply moving from room to room and dealing with monsters or what have you. So these are going to be more based on story progression than session-by-session recountings.

(Also, because I'm expecting at least one or two people who are only passingly familiar with Starfinder, at least for the first couple posts I'll be including copious setting details and footnotes.)

So with no further adieu, let's begin Dead Suns, Vol. 1: Incident at Absalom Station!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Digestif: The Darkness Below (CofD)

Welcome back to my coverage of my Chronicles of Darkness crossover story, Digestif. Not really sure what to add here (other than to point out that John's character still isn't ready, and he should be joining the group next time), to be honest, so we'll just jump right into the write-up.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Digestif: Too Much to Chew (CofD)

Welcome back to my vaguely-semi-regular-ish gaming post coverage here at this blog. For those of you who've missed it, a while back I finished up my W20 game and have moved on to a Chronicles of Darkness game in the 'Woodburn Chronicles' setting in which my various fictions, my earlier Promethean game, and my Vampire game from a couple of years ago take place. This will specifically follow up on what happened with Derrick and the Strix.

This particular story itself is called 'Digestif.' As a bit of an experiment, I'm going with a mixed group of characters, whom we'll meet below the cut!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Dry spell ending (and time-sensitive writing-related bit)

So it's been quiet here, as I'm well aware. I haven't had much to share, but let me get caught up on where we've been before I get to new info:

Doctor Who is still on indefinite hiatus. And because it's on hiatus because of half of that group moving away, it hasn't been properly replaced and likely won't be.

Between people being out of town for one reason or another and a Halloween get-together, my Sunday group hasn't gotten much playing time in and we've spent it trying to power through a Pathfinder module that's been enough of a slog we've decided to put the kibosh on finishing the adventure path we were running and switch to Starfinder instead.

This also means that I haven't had a chance to start my Woodburn Chronicles game yet. However, that leads into...

New stuff!

Okay, so first off, this Sunday we should be beginning my Woodburn Chronicles game. At the very least, we make sure characters are finished and take care of some baggage from the downtime between the last session and this one. Barring any sort of last-minute shenanigans, we should have Zac returning as Derrick, Sean and Bryan bringing in new characters (a werewolf and mage, respectively), and John joining this particular setting with a werewolf character of his own. I'll provide more info when I begin updates for that one.

Generally I don't do updates on my Pathfinder sessions, largely because a number of them would mostly be descriptions of combat that took more of the night than I'd like to admit. That said, a couple of people have still been mildly curious, so for my Starfinder sessions I might do summaries based on legs of the story and not session-by-session breakdowns. (If there really is interest in seeing those here, please speak up in the comments! Don't take this the wrong way, but there's other things I could be doing rather than yet another game's worth of blog posts.)

And now the time-sensitive writing-related bit. Long story short, Furplanet and its digital counterpart Bad Dog Books are doing a Black Friday sale. So if you haven't yet picked up Roar 8 (ebook version), in which my writing appears, now is a good time. (or, y'know, anything else on the site, I guess) The promo code 'turkey2017' gets you 15% off at Furplanet for today (November 24th), only, or 25% off at Bad Dog Books for the whole weekend.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Doctor Who Hiatus

I meant to post this earlier but it got away from me. A couple of the players in my Doctor Who group have moved away, and so the game is on indefinite hiatus for the moment. We've discussed maybe trying to run it online over Skype or something. And to be honest, I've got legitimate doubts about my ability to handle running a game in real-time for people who aren't in the room. But circumstances might line up for me to give it a try as a player, and if that comes up, depending on how well I like it we'll see what happens. But wanted to keep people in the loop. If things change, you'll hear it here.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A reminder about something I wrote

This post is one of many things that slipped my mind post-Gencon this year.

Basically, as a reminder, earlier this year I got published in this anthology of anthropomorphic literature. And at the time, I said that I'd put something up when it becomes available in ebook format for those of you who don't want to pay shipping, don't want to wait for shipping, or what have you.

Well, it's out in ebook format. You can find it here. My story in particular is called "Bite the Apple," in case you can't tell from the author list.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Cave of Secrets: Aftermath (WtA)

Whew, okay. So I've had a hell of a week, between finishing up the draft of a freelancing gig and running three Aeon playtests with not as much warning as I'd have liked. There's a part of me that wants to put this off a couple more days but the sooner I get it started the sooner I get it over with.

But this marked the last session of 'season one' of Cave of Secrets (I may or may not go back and add a tag to these posts labeling them season-wise). Honestly, I'm more than a little burned out on the old WoD system and I guarantee you there's going to be some house-ruling when we get around to revisiting this. (I dunno exactly when that'll be, because who knows long that might be and what will happen in the meantime.)

So what's on the schedule now? Well, we're taking a break from the homebrew stuff for a few weeks to give me some time to prep and so we can push through to the end of the fourth volume of Mummy's Mask, because the group's in the middle of an annoying dungeon.

Then after that, we're coming back with a game in my Woodburn Chronicles setting, following up on Derrick's very bad decision to consume a Strix. This time should be a little smoother, since we're starting as a tabletop game from the beginning rather than tweaking a LARP. It's looking like it's going to have quite the varied group of supernatural creatures, as well.

But we'll get into that when the time comes. For now, we've got the (admittedly short) epilogue of the story with the Skin Dancers and the Cave of Secrets 'season finale.'

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Cave of Secrets: Bargaining (WtA)

Alright, so post-Gencon, I had some stuff to get caught up on, then there was the Gencon stuff to do, some freelancing work, and some stuff kinda fell into my lap... anyhow, I'm finally getting to this. And it was a pretty busy session in any case. So let's get to it.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Gencon, Part 2: Monsters and Chill (Game write-ups)

And now we come to what people have really been waiting for, what happened at my Gencon games this year.

The previous post, covering most of the stuff from outside the games, can be found here.

So this year I ran two Monster of the Week games, one on Friday and one on Saturday. Both were in the setting I've started calling 'Supernatural Studios': The characters are various non-famous Hollywood professionals, often technicians and stunt people (or criminals who associate with such), who try to protect the movie studios and their talent from the horrible shit either attracted to or causing all of the weirdness in Hollywood. The Department of Special Maintenance (as they're called) is kind of an open secret to veterans in the industry, and they operate out of an old prop warehouse semi-officially labeled Warehouse X. I'll go more into the individual game setups (including which playbooks were in use), but wanted to spell out the basic premise here first.

(By the way, if you need to reference the playbooks listed below, the basic ones can be found here and the Hard Case, seen in 'Unfilmable,' can be found here.

I also played in a Chill game on Sunday, but I'll get into more detail about that when we get to it.

RPGaDay 2017, Week 4

Sorry, lost track of this because things got busy on me. But now, belatedly, is the final week and change of RPGaDay 2017.

(Part 2 of my Gencon posts should be up soon, I've got the game write-ups about finished as I do this.)

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Gencon, Part 1: Highlights and Cardhalla

Okay, so I've been a little behind on this. Between the drive up and back, and some sinus problems resulting from the convention, Gencon kind of kicked my ass in a few ways. Also, I had some freelance writing time to make up and this just got away from me.

But because I don't know how long it'll take me to do write-ups of games, I'll break this down into two posts: One of highlights and this year's Cardhalla, and then I'll do one with the game write-ups. (Two Monster of the Week games I ran, and a Chill game in which I played.)

-Holy crap a couple of the big items for this year's convention sold out in a hurry. I'd initially planned to get copies of the Legend of the Five Rings LCG and Starfinder for myself and friends, and that... went off the rails quickly. My roommate Sean and I were at the opening of the Exhibit Hall on Thursday, planning to get into line as early as possible to get hopefully the first of multiple copies of L5R. The doors opened at 10, and between the crowd and just finding the end of the line it was almost 20 minutes before we found out the line was so long that it had been closed to keep the fire marshal off the company's back. So we wandered the room for a bit, and I think we got a quick bite to eat (I'm blanking now), and circled back about noon or so, where we each managed to get one of the last dozen or so copies. (What I didn't know at the time was that that was going to be the supply for the whole convention. I'd been under the impression that FFG was going to ration out the copies a little better after what happened with Netrunner, but I was apparently wrong.)

Part of the scenery from the line

-BTW, speaking of which, over the course of the convention, I found myself spotting a few familiar faces around the Fantasy Flight Games booth from the old days of L5R. Rusty Priske from the Story Team, for instance, and some acquaintances from the Mantis boards. Sean and I also went to a Mantis/Scorpion dinner that evening, reconnecting with a couple of people and just enjoying the company of fellow players.

-Starfinder also sold out a lot quicker than expected. I held off on that because I didn't feel like waiting in multiple massive lines in one day, and next thing I know it's about 4pm -- six hours after the exhibit hall opened -- and Paizo had sold out of their whole weekend's supply as well (aside from copies set aside for subscribers like myself). When I got my subscription copy, they joked about being careful not to flaunt that given how quickly it sold out, and mentioned that they'd brought more copies of Starfinder to the con than they'd ever brought of any book and still had no clue they'd go so fast. (I remember when the Pathfinder core rulebook came out some years back, and despite that being the 'hot item' of the con, there were still copies left on the last day because that's when I got mine.) But unlike L5R, which is going to have a street date of either the end of September or first week of October, Starfinder is also appearing in stores simultaneously so that's not too bad.

-Sean and I kept running into my old friend John Kennedy (aka Mythdude, the Incarna of Silly Things) over the course of the weekend, either just out and about or by the Onyx Path/White Wolf booth or at one point swinging by the Modiphius booth to take a look at the Star Trek game (where he proceeded to show us the Borg Cube). Sadly, however, I was just too worn out/congested to hang out the last day of the con, but it was still good seeing him!

-Also, one day, I managed to run into the tail end of what I later found out was a City of Heroes fans meetup out by the food trucks (sadly, I was running a game through most of the time slot, and I'd either missed or forgotten that it was happening). There wasn't anyone there I knew, but I did get this picture:

-Because there's always someone who asks about what I got at the convention, I'll give a quick list here. Aside from a copy of L5R and all of the Starfinder stuff Paizo had (obtained via subscription pick-up, which makes it work sort of like a pre-order in this case), I also got the Cities in Ruin expansion for Eldritch Horror, packs 4-6 of the Red Sands Cycle for Netrunner, a couple of pleather dice trays for the gaming table, and -- oh, shit. I just now, as I typed this, realized I meant to fill in some of the gaps in my Doctor Who RPG books and forgot to go back to the Cubicle 7 booth. Shit. Ah well. Anyhow, I also picked up my Kickstarter copy of Monsters for Chill from Growling Door Games, picked up my subscription copies of a couple of Pathfinder books (Elemental Master's Handbook and the first volume of the Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path, The Lost Outpost) and the Magus class deck for the Pathfinder card game, Crystal Caste's special Gencon set for this year (pictured below), and I think that basically covers it, aside from one or two things I got for other people.

-Also, for the curious, the drive up and back was actually pretty smooth. Sean and I had a supply of Big Finish Doctor Who audio plays to listen to for much of the way up and back. We listened to, in no particular order: The Last Adventure; Classic Doctors, New Monsters Vol. 2; The Haunting (featuring Jago & Litefoot & Strax); and a bit of Doom Coalition Vol. 1(we're still working our way through that last one). The weather was amenable and traffic wasn't too bad outside of some road work on the way back.

And now, the Cardhalla stuff, behind a cut because it's image-heavy. My next post, with my game write-ups, will go up as soon as I can manage.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

RPGaDay 2017, Week 3

Alright, so I'm home from Gencon. And for the most part, I managed to keep my daily updates going until the end of it! Woo!

Anyhow, this post collects the third week of RPGaDay. And as I did last year, I'll wait until the end of the month for the fourth and final roundup.

Monday, August 14, 2017

RPGaDay 2017, Week 2

Alright, here's my second week of #RPGaDay 2017, for those of you interested in such things.

War Orphans: I, Sontaran (Doctor Who)

Okay, before I get into the Doctor Who write-up, just a couple of notes. Because of player scheduling issues (largely related to this weekend being the fall move-in for WVU), this will be the last session (and thus, the last write-up) until I get back from Gencon. I'm not sure what else to mention here; I think I had something in mind when I opened up the file to write this blog post but now that I get to it I'm blanking. So yeah.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

RPGaDay 2017, Week 1

Alright, so, if you've followed this blog before you probably know the routine. For those that haven't, #RPGaDay is an exercise where every day in August, you answer a list of questions about role-playing games and how you play them. This year's questions are here. I do daily-ish posts at my Plus account, collected here, and here at the blog I do weekly recaps. And here is the first of them.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Cave of Secrets: The Burial (WtA)

Okay, so, quick reminder, Gencon's coming up. If you're gonna be there and want to hang out, you should know how/where to find me by now. I'll be busy Friday and Saturday evenings, lunchtime Sunday, and maybe through bits of Thursday. That said, my roommate Sean and I are arriving Wednesday (though at the moment I cannot guarantee an arrival time) and going home Monday, which means I should be available Sunday evening and maybe even Wednesday as well depending on a few factors.

Also, another reminder, we're closing in on the end of this story and the end of Cave of Secrets' first 'season.' At which point I'm going to take a break and run something else for a while. We'll figure that something else out eventually, but in the meantime we'll be focusing on trying to power through the rest of the Pathfinder Adventure Path I normally run on alternating weeks.

So here we go.

Monday, July 24, 2017

War Orphans: Mouth of the Void (Doctor Who)

I know I've mentioned this once or twice recently, but just in case you only follow these DWAITAS posts, I'm going to be at Gencon next month with my roommate. We should be getting in Wednesday the 16th and heading home Monday the 21st. If anyone wants to meet up and hang out or grab a bite to eat, feel free to get in touch either here or on Twitter (@mythicfox), but try to give me more than an hour or two's warning because we know how crazy and busy conventions can get.

And with that, because I can't think of any more preamble...

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cave of Secrets: Closed Casket Funeral (WtA)

Okay, so... not sure what to really add before getting to the post on this one, aside from mentioning that I'll be at Gencon this year with my roommate Sean. We'll be arriving at the convention on the 16th, and leaving on the 21st if anyone wants to hang out. Just keep in mind, y'know, normal convention levels of business and endeavor to get in touch with me with a little more than an hour's warning or something if you want to get a bite to eat or something. Feel free to reach out through comments on here, or Plus, or Twitter.

But anyhow, that's a few weeks away, and right now...

Saturday, July 1, 2017

War Orphans: Planet of the Cybermen (Doctor Who)

So I've been writing this in fits and spurts during quiet moments at Anthrocon to try and get it out there before I forget too many details. (You'll see how well that's worked out, which can probably be chalked up to all manner of distractions at said convention.) In addition, I'm posting this from a computer not my own just to get it out of the way. So if anything seems a little off, that's why. (And please let me know if anything looks really off)

Before I started the session, I did a couple of things with my group. First off, I passed out some index cards and had everyone write down three historical figures or creatures they'd like to see turn up. See, while I do have an overall plot, I also like the idea of doing a series of episodic short stories with a larger metaplot with some room for bouncing around the universe getting into trouble. So I decided to solicit suggestions from the group. And some interesting stuff came up (and only a couple of things I would have done something with anyways).

Second, this past week's episode of the series got me thinking about the evolution of the Cybermen over the years on the show and it made me realize that while I'd explained to my players that the newer 'armored' Cybermen would be new to them (as they entered the universe from another dimension after the Time War), it might be better to show rather than tell. So I dug up a clip from the old show giving the players a glimpse of just what they are used to with regards to the Cybermen. (Of course, I wish I'd known that was on Youtube first before doing a search during this write-up, because I actually dug out my DVD of The Five Doctors and spent 20 minutes the night before finding the clip in question.)

Ah well.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Gencon update

For those of you who'll be at Gencon and have a Saturday evening free, my second Monster of the Week game is in the system. Just search for Game ID RPG17122638.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cave of Secrets: Dead Things (WtA)

So, before I get into this blog post, couple of quick reminders. This weekend I'll be at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, PA. In the absurdly unlikely event that anyone who reads this might be there, feel free to say hi! Also, I'm appearing in an anthology that's coming out this weekend as well!

(On a related note, this week I'll be getting in a Doctor Who session, but it might not get written up until I get home because it's literally the night before we leave for the con.)

So as I've mentioned previously, the reason it's been so quiet on this front is because one of my players had a minor medical crisis. He's doing better now, so we've been able to dust off the dice and the gaming table and sit down for some sessions. Which means that, in case you somehow missed the title of this post, I've got a Werewolf session for you!

(It's been a while, so to facilitate refreshers here's a quick link to the last post.)

Saturday, June 24, 2017


As mentioned in a previous post, my writing is appearing in an anthology that comes out in about a week. Well, the product page for the book is up!

Check out that author list, aw yiss.

(Wait, wait, don't go, I won't say 'aw yiss' again!)

And just for the record, I know the assumptions some people make about anthro fiction, which is why I'm taking a second to reassure you that the aforementioned link is entirely worksafe (even if not all of the products in the FurPlanet catalog are), and that the anthology in question is a general audience one.

(I'll link the ebook version when it becomes available, in case anyone would prefer that over a print version for some reason or another.)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Cyberpunk furry stuff

So I've been doing a lot of writing for one thing or another over the last year and change and as a result the main story in my Conversion setting has kind of gone neglected. Not proud of that, but I'll own it. I've been trying to write stories in the setting for magazines and anthologies (and am finally getting something published) but that means that I've had less energy/focus to devote to it while also toying around with/pursuing other writing projects in addition to gaming prep. But that also means I got a little burned out on it, as I was spending a few months with my head down, trying to get stuff into submission inboxes, and that burned me out a bit on the setting.

Well, I've recently been able to swing back around and finish the most recent chapter. Also, over time, my writing processes have refined themselves somewhat, and I've got a solid outline regarding the rest of this story so future installments should (in theory) be quicker. Maybe.

Anyhow, all this means is that the fifth story of Conversion, my cyberpunk furry story, is now available.

And rather than link to all the past chapters again, I'm just going to set up a label for the series/setting that I've retroactively added to prior posts with my writing in this setting.

Enjoy! And please feel free to share any feedback here or over at my Twitter or Google Plus.

Monday, June 5, 2017

A quick heads-up for the summer

Okay, so a few things regarding this summer.

First off, at the end of this month/beginning of the next, I'll be at Anthrocon. The only real reason I bring it up (since online communication won't exactly cease during the convention) is that my writing is appearing in this year's ROAR anthology from FurPlanet, and unless I've missed something that should be out at the convention this year. When it's available from their store page, I'll go ahead and link it on this blog.

Second, with regards to Gencon, I've submitted a second Monster of the Week game for Saturday evening. I'll keep things updated here regarding that so anyone who will be there and might want to play in it can sign up.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cave of Secrets: Dump the Body (WtA)

Okay, at this point I should be caught up on gaming posts for the immediate future. Just a reminder, I'll be at Gencon this year from Wednesday to Monday if anyone wants to hang out or whatever.

And just a reminder of something from a previous post, we're heading into the last Werewolf story for a while. This will be something of a 'season finale' and then I'm going to take a break from running it for a bit (likely focusing on my group's Pathfinder game to get the Adventure Path we're on through a slow section).

So here we go. Some of you who follow Werewolf: The Apocalypse material since W20 came out may recognize what it is I'm doing, if you haven't already. If you leave a comment (not that anyone ever does), please try to avoid spoilers since my players sometimes read this.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Gencon this year

I meant to do a post about this sooner but things just got away from me. But in case it needs to be said, I'll be at Gencon this year with my roommate Sean, from Wednesday to (probably) Monday. I'm already scheduled to run a Monster of the Week game on Friday evening (game ID RPG17110659), and I'm looking at doing a late submission for one on Saturday. The Friday game's already sold out, but maybe keep an eye on it if you want a spot, see if something opens up. I'll keep folks updated regarding the game I'll likely run on Saturday. (Though to be fair, the Venn diagram of 'people who read this blog' and 'people who have the time/inclination to hang out with me at Gencon' has very little overlap, so I'm not holding my breath.)

Of course, if anyone does want to hang out, feel free to reach out to me on the blog comments or via Twitter or anyplace else you know how to find me.

On a related note, this will probably be my last 'regular' Gencon for a while. As much as I love the convention and visiting downtown Indianapolis, it's becoming harder and harder to get an affordable hotel room within walking distance (yes, yes, there are many affordable hotel rooms out by the airport, but I'm of the opinion that I should enjoy my trip rather than spend an hour+ each day just on traffic and parking). I'd honestly love to see numbers on just how many rooms the hotels actually have on the room block before people have to go to the non-block rooms where the prices are jacked up such that each night costs more than a weekend's stay in some places. I might show up in future years for special events/releases, but after this year it's not going to be a given that I'll be attending as a regular thing.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

War Orphans: Out of the Wreckage (Doctor Who)

Okay, so, I really need to get caught up on blog posts. Also, I should have mentioned this in its own post sooner, but I'm running a Monster of the Week game at Gencon this year. This is last-minute, I know, and by the time you see this it might be too late. But if you want to get in on it, just go to the Event database and search for RPG17110659. I may or may not add another game as a late entry before the convention, I dunno.

Anyhow, we've got another adventure for my Doctor Who group! Geronimo!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cave of Secrets: Moot Points (WtA)

Whoops, this should have gone up sooner, but after doing about 95% of the write-up I set it aside because I couldn't do the rest right away and forgot to come back to it.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

War Orphans: After the War (Doctor Who)

So this should get me caught up on my gaming blog posts for a couple of weeks, since it'll be that long before I'll have something else to post. I really can't think of any sort of clever intro for this one, so let's just get to it.

(Warning, there will be discussion of the Time War that mildly spoils bits of the Big Finish War Doctor audio plays.)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cave of Secrets: Crinos-Sized Post (WtA)

Okay, folks, this is gonna be a big 'un. As you may or may not recall, the next-to-most-recent session of Werewolf ended in the middle of a combat scene because sometimes the realities of RPG pacing don't line exactly up with the realities of players' night shift work schedules. And while I've dealt with that before, this time didn't have a clear 'fade to commercial moment' where it left off like it did when Francis Stump showed up so I decided to wait until things were resolved before I posted any updates.
(That said, given how many details I've had to reconstruct from memory, I probably should have still written the first half down in a timely manner for good measure. Live and learn.)

By the way, for those of you who've been following these, there's kind of an announcement at the end of the write-up about a few things.

And awaaaayyyy we go!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

War Orphans: Descent (Doctor Who)

Okay, so a little behind schedule but here we are with another Doctor Who session. Not sure what really needs to be added, commentary-wise.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cave of Secrets: Burn It All Down (WtA)

So after over a month of not being able to play Werewolf (due to scheduling issues, as I've mentioned before), we finally got the chance to sit down this past Sunday for an extended (and rather bloody) session. And I can't think of any more clever preamble, so here we go.

Monday, February 27, 2017

War Orphans: Fallen (Doctor Who)

This may seem odd, that there's two Doctor Who posts in a row, but between various players' jobs, bouts of illness, and one of them prioritizing the Super Bowl over gaming, we've had a few delays. So we're a little behind on Werewolf (a condition that won't correct itself until next week, I'm afraid). But in the meantime, things are still chugging along with Doctor Who!

(Again, this is a pretty heavy canon-intersecting plot, so expect lots of linking to the fan-wiki and spoilers for certain 'classic series' story arcs)

Sunday, February 5, 2017

War Orphans: The Last Request (Doctor Who)

So it looks like the Doctor Who RPG sessions are going to come a little closer together for the time being. The original plan is that four of the five players of the Wednesday group would take turns running a game, but one of them's had to withdraw said game for a while due to various concerns (he'll still be playing, however). But this means that I'll be running War Orphans every three weeks or so instead of once and month. At least for now.

Just a warning, this session is likely to intersect pretty heavily with canon so there may or may not be an excess of linkage.

Cave of Secrets: Well, I'm Stumped (WtA)

Okay, so, trying to get a head start on this before I start officially falling behind, we've got the write-up for my most recent Werewolf game.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

War Orphans: Mind vs Matter (Doctor Who)

And for this post, we come to the second of the gaming write-ups that I owe you, the second session of my DWAITAS 'War Orphans' game.

Cave of Secrets: Still Here (WtA)

(There's a pun in the title that will make sense later.)

Okay, so, I've fallen a bit behind on blog posts. I haven't really been able to sit down and put the focus into writing up my last couple of gaming blog posts and really there's other things I probably should be... okay, cutting off that ramble there. Werewolf.