Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cave of Secrets: Picking up the pieces (WtA)

So this past session was kind of a short, talky one, primarily because we got kind of a late start and one of the players had to leave early for work. But we got to play, which is definitely something.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

RPG a Day Roundup, Week Three

Taking a moment to bang this out while I've got the opportunity and it's still timely. As usual, you can follow my #RPGaDay posts in daily-ish form (and other stuff) at my Google Plus page.

Monday, August 15, 2016

RPG a Day Roundup, Week Two

"Wait," you might be saying. "I thought that these were supposed to be weekly posts. And the last one was what? A couple of days ago?"

You would be correct, disembodied force manipulating my keyboard. That's because I was busy, and my schedule was thrown off a bit, and as a result the first week roundup was a little late.

"A little late? The first week went up the same day you posted days 11 and 12! Back in my--"

Okay, there we go. That exorcism put a stop to that. So. Where were we.

Right. The second week of RPG a Day posts.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Gencon 2016 Writeup

So the short version is that this year, I had a lot of fun playing and running a lot of tabletop. There's a few folks I wish I'd seen more of, but that's just how these things shake out at conventions. I also did way too much walking. I stayed at the Columbia Club hotel, which was on the further edge of the range of downtown hotels, and wound up with blisters on my feet from all of the walking back and forth. (Also, just as a quick review of the hotel, the Columbia Club is a beautiful old building and all that, but I personally found the rooms cramped and the shower was probably the worst hotel shower I've used. Their fitness center was to die for, though.)

So I'm trying to think if there's anything specific I want to say about Gencon this year that didn't come out in one of my many tweets over the course of the weekend. Not a lot comes to mind, though. So let's just go with stuff I ran and stuff I played.

(Sorry this is so late, by the way. My schedule has had a bit of an upheaval immediately following Gencon.)

RPG-a-Day 2016 First Week Roundup

This is the first of my #RPGaDay roundup posts for this year. Sorry this is so late, but Gencon really threw my schedule off and I'm only now getting things lined up enough to post various related blogs and such.

A more detailed description can be found here, but RPG a Day is a project where each day you answer a question/prompt about your gaming experiences. You can follow with my posts roughly daily-ish over at my Google Plus page.

Here's the basic list of questions/prompts:

And here we go, Week One of my posts for this year:

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cave of Secrets: Breaking Point (WtA)

Okay, so here's what the situation has been with the Werewolf game. One of the players was frustrated with the game due to a misunderstanding, waited quietly for the problem to resolve itself, and got more frustrated when it didn't. This led to a bit of an outburst that left the game in limbo while we sorted it out. I could have written up the last session we played leading up to the outburst sooner, but there was a chance that 'sorting it out' would mean 'we don't play Werewolf again' and I didn't want to leave off on that sort of cliffhanger. And on top of that, we weren't able to get the group together for a few weeks, during which other stuff happened and just ugh. I'm not going to get into further details here, just for the record, but people deserved a 'broad strokes' explanation.

But the situation is more or less resolved. Let me take you through the session and then the resolution will follow. In context, it'll make more sense to leave that for last.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Quick Update

Okay, first off, for those of you who've missed the repeated memos, this week I'll be going to Gencon. Follow the 'convention' tag on this post if you need more details. I'll be there from Wednesday to Sunday if anyone wants to hang out.

Second, the hiatus on my Werewolf: The Apocalypse game will be much shorter than I'd feared. I've got a session that I still need to do a write-up for, and if I can do it before I leave for Gencon I will. Can't make any promises, partially due to the fact that posting to the blog from my iPad is an absolute chore. If not before Gencon, I'll have it ready to go when I get back, with a rough explanation as to what happened.

Also, I dug up some old Vampire: The Requiem fiction of mine from literally a decade ago. I've given it an editing pass and if I can find the time before the convention (I've been distracted with a number of things) I'll hit it with one more and then post it up. But, again, if I can't get it up before Gencon I'll definitely post it when I get back. It's some old fiction I don't think I've ever posted publicly before, and takes place in the same setting as the other games I run in the Chroncles of Darkness setting. You'll see it when I get a chance to post it.

Anyhow, that's the update for now. More information will come at the appropriate time.