Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cave of Secrets: Resolution? (WtA)

First, a quick convention-related update. The Gencon games I referenced in my prior post got filled up within a couple of hours of event registration opening. That said, if anyone who reads this wants to get in on them, past experience has suggested that showing up with some generics and hoping a registered player doesn't turn up isn't a terrible strategy. If anything changes, I'll keep folks updated here.

Second and more importantly, this past weekend we got the chance to play Werewolf for the first time in way too long. So here we go.

Monday, May 9, 2016


So as a lot of you in the gaming world should know, Gencon planning has begun. The event catalog is up and running and on May 15th you can start signing up for events. Out of the hojillion events in said event catalog, two of them are mine. That's right, I'm running two games this year at Gencon. Coincidentally, both of them involve government-based monster-hunter squads.

The first is a Monster of the Week game, re-using my "Department of Homeworld Security" setup from one of last year's games with a new story. It's Thursday at 5pm and runs for four hours. The full title is "Department of Homeworld Security: Good Old-Fashioned Mummy Hunt" and to find it in the event catalog you can go here or just search for Game ID RPG1687966.

The second is a Hunter: The Vigil game (using the rules patch in the Mortal Remains book) and a sequel to a game I ran a couple of years ago. The Inquisitor (a slasher with a magic sword who hunts mages) has managed to escape from custody, and Task Force: VALKYRIE and VASCU are teaming up to bring him in. It's Friday at 5pm and runs for four hours. The full title is "Return of the Inquisitor" and to find it in the event catalog you can go here or just search for Game ID RPG1687967.

(Note that links and event searching might not be available if you aren't signed up with the website.)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Fiction: Gargoyle

So this is something I started on a while back, briefly lost track of (as I was working on paid stuff), and only recently got around to cleaning up to post. I've been thinking of possible future continuation of my "Woodburn Chronicles" games, and decided to throw something together that both foreshadows the next plot I plan to run and gives me an opportunity to introduce an NPC to the setting. I don't yet know how important he'll be to the plot itself or how prominent he'll be, but now that Beast: The Primordial is a thing I've wanted to introduce at least one Beast to Morgantown. And the concept I had for him dovetails nicely with... well, you'll see. For those of you unfamiliar with Beasts, they tend to see most other supernaturals as 'cousins' and often work with them.

Anyhow, here's the story below the break. Cheers.