Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Fiction: The Problem with Barbara

So this is something I threw together earlier. Wanted to just put together some mini-fiction in the continuity of my WoD games. Most of these characters have shown up in one or another of my various fictions and games.

Speaking of which, a while back I wrote a handful of vignettes that run alongside alongside the events of the write-up of the 'season finale' for my Vampire game. I just got around to uploading that to DA for ease of access and it can be found here.

And now, below the jump, you'll find my most recent bit of WoD fiction: "The Problem with Barbara."

Monday, May 11, 2015

Gencon 2015

For those of you attending Gencon who haven't noticed, the event catalog is live for perusal. Event registration isn't up until next Monday, but you can at least look up what'll be available.

I mention this because I'm running a couple of games. One on Thursday (RPG1572187), one on Friday (RPG1572194), both from 4-8, both of them Monster of the Week games.

The Thursday game is called "Department of Homeworld Security" and is about a government monster-hunter squad made up of intelligence agents/assets who've become, shall we say, no longer fit for traditional duty. Either they've seen too much and can't pass traditional psych evals any more, or they've been transformed or infected or cursed or what have you. So now they get put on this special 'doesn't officially exist' squad.

The Friday game is called "The Studio Crew," and is a riff on a concept I came up with a while back. The premise is that the actors that collapse into apparently insanity or drugs or weird religions or some combination of the three have in fact been driven to it by regular contact with terrifying forces from beyond this plane of existence. And the Studio Crew are the monster hunters whose job it is to keep it from getting worse than it is.