Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cave of Secrets: A Long Hike (WtA)

Okay, so, while I'm mostly packed for Gencon (I leave later tonight) -- there's just a couple more things left to throw in the luggage, but I haven't yet because it's stuff I'm still using -- I'm taking a bit of time to type up this blog post regarding this past Friday's Werewolf: The Apocalypse session.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Next Week (plus general update)

Okay, so, Werewolf posts have been a little thinner on the ground than intended. But that just comes down to player schedules, game location issues (for which a longer-term fix should be coming in the next few months), and other various little emergencies and such. Hopefully we should be able to play this coming Friday, if my saying so publicly doesn't jinx it.

(By the way, from here on out, assume most of these links are to Gen Con event pages that you can't see unless you sign up for the website.)

But this post is mostly a reminder that next week, I'll be attending Gen Con in Indianapolis. I won't be in any one fixed location, though I plan to at least make an effort to swing by the Onyx Path booth regularly. Unless something obnoxious happens I should also be at the What's Up With CWoD/NWoD panels on Friday, and I absolutely will be at the What's Up With Trinity/Scion/Scarred Lands panel on Saturday in case you want to track me down.

I am, as a reminder, running a couple of games. Like most things at Gen Con, they filled up very shortly after event registration opened but if you swing by with some generic tickets you might get lucky. Both are Monster of the Week Revised games.

First, on Thursday, from 4-8pm is The Department of Homeworld Security. (Note you will not be able to see this link unless you're registered with the Gen Con site.) The game's setup will focus on a government-based monster-hunter squad made up of intelligence agents and assets no longer suitable for 'traditional' work (and, if the right playbook is chosen, that one conspiracy nut that someone inexplicably decided to recruit rather than kill because that's the genre, folks). For thematic purposes I'm actually writing up some character background material for the playbooks I'll be using. I might do a preview of that on my blog here, and maybe post the backgrounds after the convention.

Then, on Friday, from 4-8pm is The Studio Crew. The premise is "What if all of the madness, drugs, and/or cult behavior from professional actors is a side-effect of exposure to monsters and magic drawn to or caused by the atmosphere of Hollywood?" I mean, it'd explain so much, wouldn't it? In any case, the studios quietly support a group of industry professionals (technicians, stuntmen, etc.) stuck with the thankless task of stopping monsters and other weirdness from eating and/or mutating the linchpins of the film and TV world.

I'll be doing other stuff over the course of the weekend, but that'll be the meat of it. I should be available via Twitter and Google+ if anyone wants to get in touch with me and/or meet up and you don't have my phone number or email address.

Hopefully I'll see some of you there!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cave of Secrets: The Sons of the Saga (WtA)

I hope everyone's been enjoying their summer so far. Mine's had alternating periods of boring nothingness where time flew by and some life-changing insanity. Much of the latter (combined with preparations for the summer convention season) has happened within the last couple of weeks, which is why I haven't found a good time to bang out this Werewolf write-up before now.