Monday, February 27, 2017

War Orphans: Fallen (Doctor Who)

This may seem odd, that there's two Doctor Who posts in a row, but between various players' jobs, bouts of illness, and one of them prioritizing the Super Bowl over gaming, we've had a few delays. So we're a little behind on Werewolf (a condition that won't correct itself until next week, I'm afraid). But in the meantime, things are still chugging along with Doctor Who!

(Again, this is a pretty heavy canon-intersecting plot, so expect lots of linking to the fan-wiki and spoilers for certain 'classic series' story arcs)

Sunday, February 5, 2017

War Orphans: The Last Request (Doctor Who)

So it looks like the Doctor Who RPG sessions are going to come a little closer together for the time being. The original plan is that four of the five players of the Wednesday group would take turns running a game, but one of them's had to withdraw said game for a while due to various concerns (he'll still be playing, however). But this means that I'll be running War Orphans every three weeks or so instead of once and month. At least for now.

Just a warning, this session is likely to intersect pretty heavily with canon so there may or may not be an excess of linkage.

Cave of Secrets: Well, I'm Stumped (WtA)

Okay, so, trying to get a head start on this before I start officially falling behind, we've got the write-up for my most recent Werewolf game.