Friday, November 11, 2016

Fiction: Prodigals of the Machine

I meant to have this up earlier this week, but with everything going on I just haven't been able to put the mental focus into getting it posted. Until now.

First, some commentary: This is a considerably-shorter sequel to Child of the Machine, a story that was pretty well-received by the half-dozen or so people who read it. The original story was inspired by the God-Machine Chronicle (later reworked into the Chronicles of Darkness Second Edition Rulebook) and its associated Anthology, drawing upon a history and not-quite-mythology I'd constructed in my past NWoD/CofD games. But one thing that never quite sat right with me is that there's something I'd have done with the ending if Demon: The Descent were out sooner, because that delves even deeper into the God-Machine 'mythos.'

Namely, if I'd had it to do over again, I'd have made Evie a stigmatic, one of the humans who's been 'touched' by the Machine and made a little different. But GMC didn't really get into stigmatics. So there's a part of me that wanted to follow up on that, and have her meet an actual Unchained Demon, and well... there's other stuff going on too. I don't want to spoil the whole thing here. Regardless, I found a way to kind of fix that oversight.

Sometime in the next few days I should have a separate PDF up with character sheets for the main characters, if anyone is curious to see those.

Also, I've talked to a few people privately (or otherwise mentioned obliquely) about another story in my 'Woodburn Chronicles' setting that's a much more personal story with a much more solemn tone. This is not that story. That story is still in the works and I plan to bust my ass to get it finished and polished by the end of the month. You'll hear more when that gets closer to completion.

But now, with no further adieu: Prodigals of the Machine

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