Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cave of Secrets: Picking up the pieces (WtA)

So this past session was kind of a short, talky one, primarily because we got kind of a late start and one of the players had to leave early for work. But we got to play, which is definitely something.

We picked up right where we left off, with the pack reeling in shock from Claudiu leaving. Wants-to-Know and Åke both immediately turn to Jerry, the new alpha, and asked "What now?" but he didn't have a good answer right away.

Once everyone had a minute to process what had happened, Jerry decided the thing to do was to get back to the sept as quickly as possible, make sure they told Raptor's Strike what was going on before he heard it from someone else. Åke tried to reassure him by reminding him that the Stumps attacked first, but Jerry pointed out that their response was still excessive and potentially Veil-breaking. (Also, I kept my mouth shut at the time but as a disclaimer for the blog, Claudiu bent over backwards provoking them.)

So when they got back to the sept and Raptor's Strike saw them coming, he immediately asked "What now?" from the looks on their faces. (He didn't ask where Claudiu is because he assumed that his question already covered that.) They told him what happened, with the Stumps and with Claudiu. He thought about it, considered the time of day, that there were likely few people on the street and anyone who was was certainly affected by the Delirium. When the subject of cameras came up, he pointed out that Marlinton, being a) in the boonies and b) in the Radio Quiet Zone, is "a half-step above Mennonite." So no, he's not worried about cameras.

Raptor's Strike's plan for dealing with this is to be careful, keep an eye on the news, and see what happens. He'd rather play it by ear, and worst-case scenario he says he could probably arrange for a dead bear or two to be found nearby, suggesting the idea that the bear(s) walked into town, violently engaged some locals, and got outside the town before dying of their wounds. Not ideal -- especially if any Gurahl take any interest in the caern -- but it's preferable to the alternative.

The bigger concern at the moment is figuring out what the Stumps -- and, by extension, the Spirals -- were up to in town. He suggested they start with Andy Stump's home and work from there, before he took his leave of the pack. Åke retrieved Andy's wallet from their stuff and they properly went through it for the first time. They found his driver's license (and fortunately for them, he lived in town), credit cards under a few different names, some cash, a few slips of paper with women's names and phone numbers, and some condoms that had holes poked in them. (Looks like Andy's one of those Spirals who spends time trying to make more Spirals.)

The pack waited a couple of hours before returning to town, just in case, and they went out to stake out his place since they could assume one or more of the Stumps were going to stop by there if they hadn't already. The intersection where the fight took place was still sealed off with police tape with cops guarding it like they're waiting for something. Over at Andy's place, they saw that the front door is standing open but no vehicles or anything were present. Jerry tried to get a whiff of things with Sense Wyrm, but from the distance from the house he couldn't get anything concrete. Wants-to-Know used Heightened Senses and could hear someone stomping around inside -- and they were heading towards the front of the house, slamming doors on the way.

The pack quickly scrambled for someplace to hide, but Jerry botched and was not only visible by easy to spot because of his movements when a woman in her 20's came out, dressed in stereotypical hippie clothes and with a rope slung over one shoulder like a bandoleer with all manner of odds and ends hanging off of it.

And we had to leave off on that cliffhanger. Thus I leave it off here.

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