Friday, October 23, 2015

Personal Updates

Sorry things have been so quiet here. I honestly don't think there's anyone following this blog that doesn't already follow me elsewhere, but just in case I want to keep people updated as to why things have been so quiet.

Long story short, I've been trying to get moved into a new house and things are taking longer than I expected. In my defense, it's literally been 16 years since I've had to move and even then I was fully moving into a place I'd already been spending weekends at and I had some help that I don't quite have now. I also didn't have the sheer amount of stuff accumulated that I do now.

Regardless, between the anxiety around buying the house to begin with and everything that still needs done to get everything moved over there, it's taken up a lot of my headspace. The stress of it has largely wrecked my creative drive, which was already a little shaky after the conventions and other family stuff I had going on in the summer. In addition, a combination of home events and illness on the part of my tabletop players has left it such that I haven't been able to run a game in almost a month. And even then, while we should be playing this week (fingers crossed), next Friday we won't be able to play again.

Hoping that things will get back to normal in the near future.

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