Friday, April 3, 2015

Something a little different

So here's something a little different from my usual here. I mean, so far I've posted stuff for my WoD games, related fiction, and a bit of angry venting. But I'm actually a little nervous about this post, because it's showing a side of me I don't often dig into.

Long story short, I'm a furry fan. Have been for a very long time. It's not something I often discuss outside of a few particular circles, primarily because I know the vast majority of people don't actually care. Which, honestly, is fine; I mean, I don't quiz all of you on your hobbies and fandoms, and I'm not the sort to force relevance into a subject just to discuss it. Mostly.

Regardless, I bring it up because on occasion I do a bit of writing with anthropomorphic characters. Not a substantial amount, for a handful of reasons, but from time to time I feel the itch. So I've got a couple of chapters of a larger cyberpunk story written and posted to the net, and I'd like to share them here.

So here's the first part, which I completed a couple of years ago and recently tweaked, and the second part, which is much more recent. Now, these are linked directly to the files, so you might wanna right-click and Save As. Again, as with my other stuff, it's not as polished as it could be, as I'm not exactly showing it off to professional editors or anything. I just do the best I can with it.

Anyhow, enjoy!

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